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What To Do After Rooting Android – 15 Cool Tricks


What to do After rooting Android? Ever this question has appeared in your mind? I am sure YES if you are addicted to Android. So for you, We are sharing “15 Cool Tricks To Do After Rooting Android Phone“. You can do these 15 awesome tweaks on your device which are too amazing. If you recently rooted your device, I am sure you want to know rooted phone tricks. Yeah!! We all love to do different types of things on our smartphone.

After Rooting Android tricks

If you are an Android master, I am sure you have already installed different types of best custom ROMs on your mobile. If Not, don’t worry, in the below section, I am sharing a trick on it too!! This is one of the main reason, Why People Root their Android and after that, they search for What to do After Rooting Android.

Some devices have very low RAM because of that their mobile works too slow and also it got hanged while you use much application at the same time. So, in this case, we can easily increase our RAM by expanding it using SD Card memory.

Whereas some peoples are like, I have rooted my Android, it voids my warranty too!! Now, what I can do on my rooted Android? They think, there are no benefits of Rooting but in actually, he never has seen life behind rooted Android

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